Xyris has undergone many rewrites and changes since it first started in 2018 under the name “Edix” (Educational “Unix”), and even throughout its second name change from Panix to Xyris. While the people mentioned here may no longer be active contributors or may never have contributed code to Xyris, they have certainly influenced its development and on the people who do continue to develop and maintain Xryis.

James Orson

James was the original second contributor to the Xyris / Panix project. During his senior year at Cedarville University he helped contribute to Panix v2, which was based on the WYOOS (Write Your Own Operating System) series on Youtube. Having now graduated, I now understand how little time he really had and how stressful finishing a degree can be, so for James to have taken time out of his schedule to help me write Panix and learn OS development means a lot more now than it did even back then. So, while he may no longer be an active contributor, his contributions and effort are not lost, even after the rewrite.

– Keeton

Patrick Dudenhofer

Professor Dudenhofer was the person who inspired me to finally begin my OS development journey. After taking CS-3310 (Operating Systems) my sophomore year, I decided to do some research as to how one goes about writing an OS. From there I discovered the OSDev Wiki and a miriad of other resources which helped guide me. In addition to teaching CS-3310, he was also willing to be my academic advisor for a self-study credit my senior year. From there, I went on to write a report about the fundamentals of OS development. Without his support, I would have been forced to take a boring 1 credit class that would not have benefited me nearly as much as the self-study did. Professor Dudenhofer also taught many of the other important classes I took, especially in the area of Cyber-Security and reverse engineering, which resulted in me pursuing a job in the field. I love my job and what I do, and it’s in part thanks to him as well.

– Keeton